to Ontario Society of Chiropodists

The Ontario Society of Chiropodists is the ONLY provincial professional association representing Chiropodists - the largest number of foot specialists in Ontario.  We are dedicated to enhancing the profession and increasing awareness among Ontarians about the importance of great foot health care!

Membership in the OSC gives Ontario Chiropodists a united front and a strong  professional voice for stakeholders, including government, the College of Chiropodists of Ontario,  insurance companies, other health care professions, and the general public.

Ontario Society of Chiropodists' Vision Statement:

To represent our members as the primary providers of comprehensive quality podiatric medical care in Ontario.

Ontario Society of Chiropodists' Mission Statement:

To represent the profession as the primary foot specialists in Ontario by enhancing relationships with the public and other stakeholders.
To promote the highest professional standards and to further the profession through education development and research.

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